Rodrigo – Industrial Engineer and Master in Business Administration – has extensive executive experience in Marketing and Business Development with experience in the design of marketing and communication strategies, implementation of business intelligence, sales campaigns and development of programs to improve customer service.

Proven strength in the design and implementation of sales methodologies and customer service processes, the measuring of results and multichannel campaigns. Rodrigo has ability of team leadership, structuring efficient team work. As Marketing Manager of Kaufmann, was responsible for the Marketing Area of the four business areas of the company, leading a team of 15 people with an annual budget of USD$ 6 million for the design and implementation of marketing activities, both in customer experience as well as in the field of communications, channel development, advertising and Business Intelligence.

Rodrigo joined GaneshaLab in 2016 as a key Mentor and Expert in Marketing and Customer strategies and methodologies. His focus on the client provides the participating startups a new and changing view on the value of their innovation.