Juan Carlos has had an outstanding career as an entrepreneur, founder, investor and director of innovative companies. He participated as an angel investor in several innovative businesses. Founder and Former Partner of InverSur Capital, and member of Investment Committee Nazca Ventures Chile. A well-known entrepreneur, in the area of information and communication technologies, he has created companies such as ETICSA ,  Network Value.

In the area of Electronic Security, founded NCS Electronics, project acquired by Siemens. Founding Manager of  Chile-IT, organization part of ACTI AG, oriented to open US market  to Chilean companies in the field of Information Technologies and to support the export of Global Services. In the Renewable Energy market, together with Fundación Chile, founded Solar Chile, a developer of photovoltaic solar energy projects, acquired by First Solar, largest solar energy company in the world.

He was founding partner and Director of the Entrepreneurs Association of Chile (ASECH), as well as Founding Member and Former President of Chile Global Angels