When we were looking for a name for our new Scale-up Boutique, we developed key attributes which should reflect the Values of our program. Given our international travels we got to realize how the values represented by the Indian god Ganesha, are representative to the success of a startup.. Ganesha is one of the most worshipped deities in  the Hindu pantheon. Lord of Good Fortune who provides prosperity, wealth and success.

Lord of Beginnings and the Remover of Obstacles of both material and spiritual form, nevertheless placing obstacles in the path of those who need to be checked.


GANESHALAB is an international scale-up boutique for science and technology based startups. Our program provides you:

  • Direct access to international clients, partners and investors.
  • Training and exercise of universal best practice and business management tools. This prepares you and your company to navigate the competitive worldwide markets.
  • Development of your global commercialization plan, a detailed supporting action plan as well as the network and resources needed to drive the execution of such.
  • Individual and involved coaching supporting your personal development as a business professional.
  • Customized Soft-landing in your foreign target market.

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Scale-up Program

Preparing your early stage startup for international market and investor readiness by means of a proven process with workshops, training, coaching and applied methodologies


We design customized soft-landing programs giving you, the early stage startup, the opportunity to validate your project in an international market and take critical steps in the internationalization of your company.

Open Office

An opportunity for entrepreneurs with Biotech, Life Sciences or Medical technology projects in very early stage to get expert advice and guidance on critical steps to progress and grow your project.

360° Assessment

We are offering an integrated Due Diligence service, providing an analysis of your startup/project in all key areas: Problem-Solution Fit, Business Model, IP & Regulatory, Legal and Financing

GoTo Market Strategy development

After a series of workshops and coaching you will understand in detail your target market and client environment resulting in a documented and validated GoTo market strategy

Customized Training

You want to improve the knowledge of your teams to translate scientific projects in real market opportunities? We will partner with you, assess the needs and customize our training portfolio to your specific needs


Markus Schreyer

CEO & Founder

I have been blessed to work for extra ordinary companies in my career. It is my mission to give back some of my experience to entrepreneurs who have set out to create an impact on society with their innovations.